Let Paul’s roofing be your first choice when it comes to inspecting your chimney for leaks. Protect your home by installing lead flashing. This is another service offered, with specialisation in locating leaks and repairing them to provide you with a dry interior. Paul’s Roofing only uses the best available products to provide the best possible results.


Flat Roofs

With minimal construction time, flat roofing has its benefit in the UK climate. Paul’s Roofing offers maintenance and repair on already installed flat roofs with over 30 years of experience in assessing problematic areas.This knowledge will go a long way when assessing your flat roof repairs.Make the choice that best suits your pocket and your peace of mind.


Roof Repairs

The best place for once off routine repairs and maintenance at a very reasonable and affordable cost. A 24HR emergency call-out service is also available, which guarantees you an immediate response to your concerns. Quality workmanship at an affordable cost is worth the phonecall.


You will find recent jobs listed below. The high standards of work upheld are evident in the jobs below.



Paul’s Roofing Services is based in Buckinghamshire, working with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of roofing with special attention to roof repairs, in both the commercial and domestic sectors. Service areas include Chilterns, South Bucks and West London areas.




Competitive environments are nothing new to Paul’s Roofing.  The 30 years of experience come hand in hand with a friendly and approachable businessmanner.   The customer is the most important part of any business and this is a value Paul’s Roofing upholds to the highest standard.



Armed with work experience in different spheres of building, repair and maintenance, Paul’s Roofing  has practical knowledge of designing, building and delivery of building projects with a noticeable ease as well as the required precision and care that your projects deserve.



Timely completion of all tasks and projects
Utmost professionalism
The best quality materials available
Adherence to industry standards

Licensing, and Registration

Paul’s Roofing Services is a fully registered business entity under the UK Companies Act 2006.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Paul’s Roofing Services are delighted to report that in the years we have worked we have enjoyed a monopoly of positive reviews from our clients. Our clients are always more than willing to recommend us to other potential clients.

Government Action

Paul’s Roofing Services has not had any government or legal action taken against our establishment. Our standards and practices are within the confines of the law and industry specifications.

Clients Testimonials

  • K O'Donoghue

    "Paul's Roofing Services finished the work which they carried out beyond both mine and my husband's expectations. They were professional throughout the job and finished within the time frame and estimate they gave me and my husband ."
  • A Walsh

    "The best quality work I have ever had carried out at my house was done by Paul's Roofing Services, I would 100% recommend."
  • A Cheema

    "Extremley professional and work was done to a very high standard"